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Where do you hound-dogs live?

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Just curious. Wondering where you all come from. Just the City would work, no need for phone numbers and street addresses. If you are on the lam from law enforcment, please ignore this posting. I hail from the San Francisco Bay Area, a little town called Redwood City. It's claim to fame written on a big sign on the main drag, Best weather by Government Tests Local University, Stanford (just beat #1 SC in football this weekend) Best Guitar Store in area.....Gryphon Stringed Instruments, purveyor of very fine instruments. It will be interesting to see how far and wide this forum spreads.....Thanks

I'm from about 30 miles SW of Houston, TX (Rosenberg).  We have probably the worst weather by government tests--the air is so toxic down here that allergists cannot keep up with all the respiratory diseases/conditions.  Our sports teams seldom beat anyone at anything (and if they do, it's a mistake).  Best guitar store in the area--I wouldn't know, but I sure wouldn't recommend Rockin' Robin Guitars.  They had my Dot for 3 months for a job that they said would take only a couple of weeks.  We do have some shops that sell fine instruments (Gibson, Seagull, Martin, Washburn, etc.), but from now on when I need a repair I'll contact one of the local independent luthiers.  

As for being on the lam from law enforcement, not that I know of, but anything is possible, I guess [:I] (especially considering my checkered past, but I thought I had satisfied all those damn requirements, honest, officer, I did!!).

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WOW, way to go Stanford, I've been waiting for someone to come along and knock USC off of their throne!  Now I just hope it sends them into a tailspin, it's Oregon's turn!  Course the Ducks kinda' stink up the field too and I'm always disappointed, they start the season off great then they blow it!

I was born in the redwoods, Crescent City, CA.   I love northern California, but I've been in Oregon most of my life.  I live in a town called Nehalem, it's an Indian word meaning: The Place Where The People Live!

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I'm in eastern part of Kentucky.

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Originally from Liverpool UK I now live in Manchester UK but wish I lived in another country I hate this country for what it's turning into and I despise the English weather....... Cold wet cold & more wet....

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learning a riff or chords is quite easy as long as your fingers hit the right strings!!!!!!!!!!


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