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I'm a newby looking for a good quality guitar at a price I can afford. I have been impressed with what I read about Washburn guitars and have been looking on eBay and Craig's list. I'm surprised at how low some of the prices are on ebay.Some under $100.

The D10N is on Craig's list, and is listed for $225. Like new.

I am a small woman, and am currently taking lessons on a borrowed classical guitar. The neck seems to wide for my small hands and I was wondering if it's reasonable to be able to find a good guitar that is not so difficult for me to handle. It is hard to find out things like that on the internet..so thought I would ask here.

Any tips on what certain things mean in model #s.. difference in sizes between dreadnaughts and other models would be helpful information.


that is obvious that an classical guitar neck is wider then an dreadnaught accoustic guitar. If it is possible for you, go in a local guitar store and try one, you'll see a big difference. Purchasing an washburn for a first guitar is a good move. There is a member on this forum who sale washburn guitar: RGG music (Dave)... you should try to get in touch with him, he could probably help you out !!!

Hi countrylady, for a little more money you could get a D10S, which has a solid top (the D10N does not) and will not only sound better initially, but will also improve over time. Any guitar you purchase will benefit from a professional set up, which will make it easier to play.

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Welcome countrylady, well you have shown good taste by starting off on a Washburn and a D10 is a great guitar to start with, bu5t as Pike mentioned aa D-10S is the better choice and if you find the Dread to big you could always look at the folk size guitars which have a slightly smaller body and as Yan has mentioned we have a fellow here who gives great service and ( if you ask nice ) great deals for forum members RGGMusic.com,he has a good reputation here and else where for his guitars, so welcome aboard and have fun with what ever you decide on.louis[:)]

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Another thing to keep in mind is that the D10N hasn't been produced in years. They typically sell used for $100 or less and it would have to be in exceptionally good condition before I'd even pay that. I have both the D10N (with the laminated wood top) and the D10S (with the solid wood top) and the sound is like night and day.

Dreadnaught is the most common steel string guitar size. Jumbo is bigger and folk is smaller. There are other sizes/styles but those are most common. Most (if not all) steel string guitars have thinner necks than classicals. Many young children play dreadnaughts with no trouble so you should be fine with one. Your best bet for sure would be to try several at your local music store. You can get a feel for what you like and buying at a store is a great foundation for a relationship with local experts.

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