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Author Topic: "Hotrod" B-9 banjo  (Read 1852 times)

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"Hotrod" B-9 banjo
« on: April 28, 2003, 08:43:59 AM »
A young fellow came into my shop last week with a fairly new B-9 with a broken headstock and wanted to know if I could fix it. I don't normally work on low end imports but I took a look at it and decided it would be a fairly easy fix. I stripped it down, carefully drilled it and inserted a metal dowel, epoxied the whole thing after trueing and balancing. You can hardly tell it's had a boo-boo. Plays and sounds great for a $200 banjo. The kid came to pick it up and I let him play some of my expensive banjos. He asked me if there was any way to hotrod his to make it sound better. Well I just finished it and let me tell you this thing is a cannon but it costs! I used a modified Huber tone ring and a Gibson R bridge which I had to cut down some. I used a Modello high tension head. I used a custom built brass tailpiece and finally settled on Elixer strings after trying several kinds. I had to do a little fretwork (I'm sure you B-9 fellows are aware of the cheezzy frets). All in all this came out great. The kid is pleased and it didn't cost all that much. Easy mods to make a B-9 sound like a banjo that costs 3X as much.
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