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Texas Flatpicker:
First learn which string is what, you know, E, G, A, R, L or whatever they are...etc..
Next, go online somewhere like Folk of the and learn the pentatonic scales, then keep learning the scales, then grab some tabs, then keep learning the scales. Once you learn the scales, you will be able to play anything. Chords are good to know too. Learn the major sets or G, A, E, D, C, F and B. C7, Em, Am, D7 and if you play bluegrass, B flat comes in handy. It would help if you let us know what type of music that you want to play. I like to play Bluegrss personally as I enjoy flatpickin. Oh by the way, many bluegrass players use a capo. Some folks use them and some dont. I prefer not to but from time to time when playing in a jam setting, I will oblige the other players and put one on. Problem with playing with a capo, you can not that many bluegrass tunes do but I started playing country and progressed to bluegrass from there....kind of backwards I know.
But seriously, learn the scales and by the way, I find it easier to learn the scales backwards myself but that was just me. I think that the G scale would be the easiest but again thats just me.
And last but not least, find a jam close to you and go to them. Take your guitar and get it out and play with them. Let them know you are a beginner and there to learn. Playing with someone helps with your timing as well. You could get one of those tick tock things (metronome) but a pickin partner or two is much better.
By the way, just have fun.


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