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I have a Digitech XP300 Space Station (seriously seriously rare)

its slightly worn because it used to belong to Ace from Skunk jokes, its signed by him i have a pic of me and him somewhere.

It says: To Matt....For the love of effects.

this pedal was used extensively on tours, on albums, and in the world record set by Ace for the most pedals used at once in one chain.

anyway, these go for loads on ebay, i'm running short on cashola, don't wanna part with it, but i could do with the funds. if you are seriously interested in it, PM me with a serious offer.

What do you want to do tomorrow?

I now have the pickups so now looking for a chrome 800s tremolo though a 600s is acceptable!


Washburn HM-24V (proto) / KC 90v x2 (Red, Translucent)/ MG 74/ MG 800 / Fernandes Revolver Pro w\\Sustainer / Chimera (coming soon)

ive got a washburn MG-74 im selling with gold hardware incl washburn floyd rose

There is a N4 neck on FleaBay gentlemen, I know this for it is mine! It's not perfect, but it works.

Go on, you know you need another one.

anyone know where can get the better looking sticker for N4??


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