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So few Washburn dealers in IL


Kinda sad when I can get a Strat, Les Paul or PRS at the many GCs in my area but when it's comes to getting a Washburn it's mail order or Sam Ash. The Sam Ash stores I've been to never carry USA made Idols.

 It's not so much about wanting to buy one, but I've come to the point I would never buy a guitar without playing it first.

 It's odd that a company that's less than 50 miles from my doorstep seems to have the least amount of distribution in my area. There was a Washburn dealer down the street but road construction put him out of business.

OH SO TRUE!!!!!!!You'd think a company with deep roots in the Midwest would be all over the surrounding area.I couldn't even find a dealer that was willing to TRY to order me a lefty N4.Then these places wonder why business is down and why we buy online.

strange they are ub Mundelien IL

Unga Bunga, in Paducha Ky.  is thinking about becoming a Washburn dealer. I hope he does, as I'm tired of only seeing. Fender,Gibson,Peavy. Indiana,Dean, Alveras's, and a few others. Tom.


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