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Author Topic: The Washburn R-350  (Read 3119 times)


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The Washburn R-350
« on: August 28, 2009, 08:52:46 AM »
Here's some information on the R-350 Limited Edition Washburn featured on page 2 and 3 of the 2007 product catalog:

The R-350 {on page 3) was supposed to have been built in the USA and limited to 100 pieces. The R-350 is an exact copy (as close as you can get) of the 1905 Washburn model 335 pictured on page 2 of the 2007 catalog.  The model 335 pictured on page 2 was owned by Dan Fogelberg and sold to U.S. Music Corp. through Gruhn Guitars / Nashville.

To our knowledge, the R-350 is the only Washburn acoustic guitar to appear (as a production model) in a Washburn publication....that did not go into production.

There are many Washburn production models that never made it into Washburn the D-43 built by Tacoma, for Washburn, in the mid 1990s.  This is a advertised Washburn model that did not go into production.

The R-350 pictured on page 3 of the 2007 product catalog was built by John Stover, shortly before his departure from U.S. Music Corp. and is the only R-350 in existence.

American Multimedia Studios feels privileged to be able to participate in the Washburn legacy as the caretaker of these two fine instruments and others, from the U.S. Music Corp. vault.

Page 2 and part of page 3 from the 2007 Washburn catalog:

Dan Fogelberg with the model 335 Washburn pictured on page 2 of the 2007 product catalog:


The Dan Fogelberg 1905 model 335 (left) and the John Stover built R-350 (right)....that appeared in the 2007 Washburn product catalog and are now being looked after at American Multimedia Studios!

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The Washburn R-350
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Beautiful guitars!


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