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Hi there.
I'd like some info on my old bass.
I have a Bantam XB 800 but I never could find any specifications on it on the WWW.
I bought it back in 1997, and before that I had the XB 400.
I traded the 400 for the 800 because it's 18 volts active.
Some years ago I replaced the pickups with EMG humbuckers and electronics for a little more bite.

Since I bought the 800 I've been trying to find specs on this bass but no luck. It's also very elusive because all the pictures I can find are of the standard XB 800, mine has 'designed by Grover Jackson' on the headstock. So I assume it is a little different to the standard 800. I'd like to know the difference. One thing I do know is that it's not standard to have a burst finish on the 800, but if that's the only difference...

I did spot some shady and very small pics of the same bass at some South American sites, but I'm in Europe.
So was it a European or South American sold model? What kind of wood does the body have? Is the flame maple top just a laminate, fotofinish or an actual top? Where was it made, there is nothing on the bass that says where it's fabricated. What year is this bass fabricated? How many where fabricated, was it a limited edition or just a normal production bass?
What does Grover Jackson have to do with this bass, it looks like the standard 90's Bantam except for the burst finish.
Why is this bass so elusive on the WWW?
I never talked to an owner with the same bass, are there even any?

I really like to know more about my bass as I have been searching for info forever. It's my workhorse and can never part with it, I have many memories with this bass. I have it for so long but still I only know what it looks like and how it sounds, I know more about my neighbours than I do about my bass and the neighbours only moved in 4 years ago. My bass is in my posession for well over a decade!
I bought the bass brand new back in the day but even the store had almost no info on it. They just said it was a bass that was just there in their storage and no one actually knew who ordered it.
I do know the original electrics were from status, or am I wrong?

So if anyone has answers to my questions I'd be very greatful.
It may or may not be important, but here's the serial #
Perhaps someone from Washburn has the info I seek?
Thanks in advance for any, any info on the XB 800 Grover Jackson design.

when i purchased my wasburn BB4 recently the dealer had no info on the instrument ( prolly cause the dealer got it from a dealer of a dealer and took 6 weeks to get it here in the yukon from whereever...go figure), I finally contacted customer service from the wasburn home site and had the specs on my instrument within 3 days...give it a try, might help :))
Happy Bassing :))

It's a '94 and there is a lot of info on here.check it out.

link to post about Washburn Bantam XB-800 - http://forums.washburn.com/index.php?topic=8576.0
'S' in front of serial number refers to Samick.. i think your bass is made in Korea before they moved factory to Indonesia.

review - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/bass_guitars/washburn/xb800/index.html

some more info - https://www.talkbass.com/threads/washburm-bantam-xb-800-vs-xb-900.382360/


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