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XB 500 Replacement volume and pots


I am looking to replace the worn volume pot, so I might as well replace the tone pots and the switch as well.  Factory replacements would be OK, but any suggestions on upgrades? And where would I get even the factory replacements.  I don't even know what they are.



Well I'm currently in the process of customizing my BB4, so I'll tell ya what I'm doing...hope this helps; Im leaving the Grover tuning machines on cause I like those, i'll switch out the pickups for a good set of EMG's, havent decided yet but I'll either go with a grover bridge to match the tunners, but I'm leaning heavilly towards a Badass bridge. I typically swap out the pots for CTS 500k pots cause I like the warmer sound...now keep in mind this is all a matter of taste so you'll have to figure what you personally like and then get the parts that'll give you that sound. If you wish to upgrade with washburn factory parts I think thiewr customer support peeps will be able to help ya there... Good Luck dude and happy Bassing :))


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