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Timbercraft vs. D10


How does your timbercraft compare with the D10?  I know, apples to oranges, but still - how would you describe the two side by side?  I'm looking for specific tonal and sound characteristics.

As for my D10, I'm very impressed with the build, fit, finish, and quality of the instrument.  Whoever put this thing together over there in Asia is to be commended for their craftmanship.

So...tell me about the Timbercrafts!


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The tonal quality of my D52SW is, as expected, superior to that of my D10S which, by the way, was the guitar I first purchased to learn to play at ~ age 52. The solid wood construction of the D52SW creates a better resonance than the laminate sides and back(?) of the D10S. I have been toying with purchasing one of the new WD series, but am not sure if the construction is as good as that of the D10S which too seems to improve with age, thanks to the solid wood top. If I do purchase another one, one of my existing collection would have to be sold...to keep my significant other happy. [:(]

Thanks for answering my post!  It's been a long 2 years waiting to receive a reply!  I knew the Timbercrafts were due to sound better, I was just looking for a measure of how much and in what way.

I'd really love to hear the Timbercrafts side by side with, say, a Taylor, and a Martin.

Thanks again for your reply!



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