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Neck Specs?

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Can anyone tell me more about these mini jumbos, what are the neck scales and neck profiles?

Not sure re mini jumbo, but baby jumbo (wb200 / wb400) are:

25.5 scale

1  11/16 nut

average 4 body depth

Here's the info you were looking for:


Look about 2/3 of the way down, just below the "Jumbo" models.

Body size, scale.....no nut width, but I can measure my WMJ11S if you need it.

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Hi folks,

I posted this question in another thread about the WMJ40SCE (mini jumbo), which I just purchased.  What, if any, is the difference between body/style of the mini jumbo, the baby jumbo and a grand auditorium?


I just answered part of my above question on the difference between baby and mini jumbos, by seeing photo of former in another posting.  Still curious on mini vs. grand auditorium.



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