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Whats up guys, hi im a new member just had a few questions. Ive had my dime for 12 years, i bought it when i was in high school. This guitar has been like my hidden treasure. I have held on to it through very hard times and was wondering if anyone could help me identify it. The serial number is S5107302. Here's a few pictures of the guitar. and .
 The guy i bought it from told me it was signed at the washburn factory by dime so it leads me to belive it is the 3 series not the 333 that was made for guitarfriend. I was offered alot more then i payed for it but im not really intrested in selling it, i love the axe. any help in identifying the guitar would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help, Love the forum you guys seem to know your stuff.

1995 import Dimebolt 333 origional list price was $899.

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Thanks for your help.


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