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Author Topic: Newish D10sce preamp and output questions.  (Read 2200 times)

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Newish D10sce preamp and output questions.
« on: January 12, 2010, 08:55:52 PM »
Today I received my first Washburn, a natural satin D10sce.
A friend I play with had purchased an oskarschmidt/washburn guitar (sort of a poor-man version of the d10sce) a while back which impressed me for the price he paid.  That is what sparked my interest in the d10sce. I had anticipated buying one for about 4 months now, but had continually restrained myself from pulling the purchase trigger due to minimal funds.  Last week however I came across a used version on musiciansfiend for around $350 , with an additional 50 knocked off for a sale on used gear.  Thus I got into the guitar for a fairly cheap price.  Their used gear is rated from condition 1-4, 1 being unused and like-new, and 4 meaning a repair will be needed.  The guitar I purchased was rated a #1.

Immediately upon pulling my guitar from the case in which it was delivered I noticed that the preamp on the guitar was not the WT82 but a fishman ION+.  From this site I discovered that the D10sce is now being equipped with the fishman Isys+ (which looks Identical minus the name).   Being unaware of the quality or reputation of the ION+ system I did a quick search for any information or reviews that were available.  I was really surprised to find very little literature, let alone reviews, for the unit.  Which brings me to my first question.....

How does the fishman ION rank against the WT82 and WT92?

I played around with the guitar for a little bit and noticed it was grossly out of tune.  After using the ION tuner I realized it was fairly unresponsive to the lower E and A strings.  I understand that a fresh battery might alleviate the problem but before I mess with that I have a few other concerns.

My next concern arose when looking for the battery case for the pre-amp.  As I stated before, the preamp is the ION+ and not a WT82 or Isys.  After staring at the input jack plate for a moment in befuddlement I realized that the xlr jack that is standard on the WT82 equipped guitars was not present.  I would like to have the XLR output because I think it will be useful for plugging directly into my band's PA.

After tuning up the guitar and playing a few tunes, sliding bar chords up and down the neck and also playing each fret and string on the neck I was happy to find the neck seemed to play very well and did not have any buzzing frets.  The action on the guitar could stand to be lowered, however.  But all in all it seems to play ok.

The fit an finish of the guitar seems to be very good with the exception of a couple small dings at the base of the neck. But these are the least of my worries right now.

Needless to say, I am a little bit concerned about the guitar I have received.  I hope someone out there can clarify why my guitar has different components than those that were advertised.  What are your feelings about my situation and what would you do?  Should I return it and raise a fuss, or is the ION+ (minus the XLR)a decent unit?

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Newish D10sce preamp and output questions.
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2010, 01:42:11 PM »

Welcome to the forum Corey, I really can't help you much with the electronics question, but I'm sure you'd get lots of help over on the Acoustic Players Comments Page,, Link Below,, Good luck.

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