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How is the PS7200? I cant find it on the site.. Is it the top of the import line?  Is it dark sounding since there is no maple cap? Necks chunky or not??  Any other details?? Neck heel obtrusive? Stock Egnater pups good?   thanks

what are the inlays made of??

Played one of these.. Very impressive!  Upper fret access is way better than a LP.  Nice chunky frets! I hate the fretless wonders. And the inlays were extremely well done.. I see almost no filler.. The fretboard looked more like rosewood than ebony, but def has a crisp snap.  Shape is kinda funky, but a VERY good player.  Id do a pup swap and live happily ever after..

I have a white PS7200, and I like it a lot.
I got it new at a closeout sale, for $500.
It had a broken saddle screw, but Washburn customer service sent me a entire replacement bridge right away (impressive!).
Love the shape and feel, heavy but not neck breaking, finish was near perfect (one blip on the binding at the top of the headstock.).
And the gig bag was a decent quality too.

Some say the stock pickups are underwhelming, but I like them well enough for now.
I have a set of open coil Seymour Duncans that I may put in at some point.

I have seen a few black ones pop up online, but not many white ones like mine.
I would also like to get the black flame PS7000.

oh, and the neck heel is not as slimmed down as my PS9000, but it is still sloped enough to offer better high fret access than a traditional LP body shape.

The neck is not chunky or slim, a nice in between feel.


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