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I recently got left a Washburn force 8 Bass Serial No (842919)
unfortunately though im not really a player and know very little about guitars so was just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me any details about value, age, etc.
I am looking to sell it as i unfortunately have no usage for it other than a prop, so any information or recomendations on where is best to sell will be much appreciated.


Cornish Boy:
Hi again Cherry, the serial number on your bass indicates made in Japan 1984. You could try putting a few pics up if possible which would give the folk here a better idea of shape, condition etc.
Most of the guys use http://photobucket.com/ its free and relatively simple to use.
This way you may get an offer from a forum member or two. Other than that you could search Ebay for similar models and judge price from there. This section runs a bit slow so give it a day or two for answers. Good luck with the sale, and if all else fails put it on Ebay. If you do decide on the Ebay route, you could put a link here to give the faithful a heads up.
Just found this page, does it resemble this ?


this is the link to the pictures for the bass, please can you provide further details, and also if anyone is interested how much i can expect.


Cornish Boy:
Hi, deffo made in Japan either Matsumoku or Yamaki Plants (Opinions Vary) 1984. It's hasn't got the same pickup configuation as the catalogue picture but that doesn't mean much. There are no precise records left for these basses as a fire at the offices destroyed them. Looks to be in reasonable condition, but the drawback (As with all old guitars) if anything needs replacing, it's hard to find. No idea of current value but wouldn't part with it myself for less than $150. If you go the Ebay route that's the reserve I would put on. Give it a few days maybe one of the faithful will be along with more info and perhaps an offer.

Edit. Just found a Force 8 neck on USA Ebay 120515112134 he wants $83 for it, so I will keep eyes open for whole bass and let you know price.

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