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Hello to everyone. I'm in the process of acquiring this wing bass. I have the serial # 87969E on a sticker on the back of the head. I used to have a Scavenger bass that looked just like this one, except it was white and from what I've come across, it was only in black or white. Other sites with serial #'s have left me confused and I have yet to see a pic of one exactly like it. I want to make sure it's the quality that I'm thinking of, because I LOVED that scavenger. Never had anything that sounded like it since and it was just too damn heavy after a while and I traded it for a new Ibanez (bean) bass (which I sold back in the 80's too and picked one up a year ago for $60!) I loved the Ibanez as well, but never got over losing the tone of that white monster. Here's a slideshow to view the bass.
Any insights will be most helpful and greatly appreciated.

Cornish Boy:
Hi artbylaw, that certainly looks like a Scavenger to me, I have that model in Tobacco Sunburst.
It's the date that's confusing. I didn't think the Scavenger was produced beyond 1983. As the serial is on a sticker and not on the neckplate you may have a very early 1978 version. Here's a pic of mine with a few other Wings. Maybe someone else will be along with more info, and I've also put a link to a site with more specs for that model.


Edit. I can't believe that nobody snapped that up at $300 start bid. Grab it.

Your's looks just like this one! Boy, you are GOOD. How did you find it when the auction was over? Ha-ha, anyway...I asked her to send a pic of the back to make sure it was string-thru (I thought they all were) because that's what I thought gave it so much sustain and had to add to the tone going thru that much wood. As soon as get the string-thru go ahead, I will make it mine! I don't know if you found out thru reading the auction, but she said back in '88, Rick Danko played the bass one day that they met him. That's a pic she took of him in the slideshow. As if it didn't have enough Mojo on it's own.....!
Thanks for the info/pics...even if it's history remains a mystery, I won't care as long as it sounds like what I remember. That will be plenty good for me.

Cornish Boy:
Hi art, if that had been in the UK it would have had my bids, especially in that condition, better than mine by the pics, never mind the extra mojo. I'm almost positive that it's a real early one so wish you the very best of luck with it. Look forward to the pics on your couch.

I loved the pic of the "Blonde" washburn. At least that is what I call mine. It was made in 1978, and I traded for it by giving some memory simms for the bass. Still own it, but I am trying to get it back from the States. I played it since 1979, and especially from 2003 to 2012 in the States. I had the original case, but by the time I was in the States, the only thing holding it together was gaffer tape. I tried to get a case after 2012, but the width of the body was 14 "inches"( as I recall) and the music stores and online sellers said that "most wing basses " are 12 across. Consequently I could not get a case. Anyway, I am trying to freight it to here, since I have had the Wing Washburn since 1978-79 ( Played in 78, traded in 79). I had a Black Eagle prior to that wish I still had it. Anyway, the wing bass has the best sustain, but is heavier than almost any other wing bass I have played, however I would never trade or sell it since the sound is great with the right strings and the action has never needed adjusting, nice and low with no buzzing on frets.


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