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1973 W600 spruce/brazilian

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Very nice.  Thanks for posting the pics.

FWIW, your guitar is a W500 which is solid wood, but spruce and mahogany.  The W600 is spruce and rosewood, plus it's Brazillian rosewood.  Both the 500 and 600 models are very, very nice but the W600 is a vastly more valuable guitar.

That is a very nice looking guitar.  Brazillian Rose Wood, is rare and beautiful, but Mahogany is also a beautiful wood. Tom  :)

ship of fools:
casedog that is one sweet guitar and it might have been hand made at the Yamaki factory ( though it is hard to say for sure, but some folks think that when Beckmen bought back the name that they started making them in the Yamaki factory ).
One thing you might think of doing is maybe having it consigned in a better guitar store as it is somewhat unique and thus it would be hard to put a true value on it as most folks do not understand the history nor do they care really but it is a very nice guitar all solid woods and the pearl inlay looks wonderful. If I were selling it I would have no problem asking at the low end $750.00 to a high end of $1200.00 there are not a lot of them around but you need to find the right owner for it. And please do let us know what you want for it, I know I keep saying no more especially after downsizing my collection ( from 23 down to 5 left ugggh ) but you never know, it might look really nice beside my W-300-12.ship

I have a Washburn Model 200 Serial No. 130273; Made in Japan.  It has BMI inc at the top of the neck.  Does anyone have any info?  I have had this guitar since I was in eightH grade (I am 51 now)

Wanna sell it pike?


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