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1973 W600 spruce/brazilian

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Wow that is one beautiful guitar.  Thanks for all of you guys opening up another side of Washburn that I never knew about !!

I have a w-500 that I am interested in selling. I'm trying to get debt free to go on a missionary trip. It has a lot of sentimental value, my grandfather left it to me when he passed away but it wouldn't be a good idea to travel in central america with it. It's stamped from portland music company in portland, or. He was originally from chicago, il. I have pics but don't know how to add them on here.

I'm sure many would love to see the pics.  You will need to host the pics on a hosting site.  Many on the forum use www.photobucket.com.  It's free and very easy.

 Also,  think about the price range, and let us no. At A fair price, it will sell. Tom.   :)  P.S. Does yours look like the guitar above?



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