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1995 1995 D42SW Harvest & D44SW Golden Harvest

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Two very nice solid wood guitars.


I used to have a D42SW.  I traded it for a Martin.  I love my Martin but wished I still had my D42.  It was a beautiful guitar.  Very unique.  You never see them on Ebay.  I wonder how many were made.

Hi Ralu, yep, nice guitars. I've owned two, sold the first one, found a great deal on another one. Kept it. From everything
I've seen, this and it's rosewood mate, the D44SW, are the best Korean built Washies out there.

I bought a Harvest D44SW back in the 90's. It was my 1st all solid wood guitar. I was so proud of it. Since then I have added a few more solids...a Martin D16, an Epiphone slothead, Martin slothead,a Blueridge, (all solid wood) but I still have that D44 Washburn. It holds its own against those others just fine. Its a keeper. I'm still proud of it.

Martin D16
Blueridge BR160
Washburn D44SW
Epiphone AJ500RC 12 fret slothead
Martin D15S 12 fret slothead
Washburn D21S
Washburn EA20 Festival electric/acoustic
Alvarez/Yairi DY38
Gold Tone PBS Maple Deluxe dobro
Regal RD52 Black Lightning dobro
Washburn C80 Classical
Les Paul electric
Telecaster electric

D-21 Dawg:
I see you have a D-21S. How do you like it? How would you rate it against a mid priced Martin such as a D1 or DM or even the D-Custom rosewood. I had a Tak F-360-LH that was stolen from a music store in Dallas and they offered me a 1986 D-21SLH which I had to take since there was really no way they would or could replace the Tak. I also own a Martin D-28 so maybe I am being snobby or something but I just do not find the D-21SLH to be very toneful, but like I said, maybe its just a mental thing since I am not a Washburn player and have never owned one before. Thank you for your time.


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