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1928 Washburn Deluxe

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Thats a pretty wall hanger, Is it your shiner?

Wow Shiner, look at that Braz...

It is very nice Shiner, I check all the flea markets and yard sale when ever I see one, You never know what you will fine..a friend of mine found a old Gibson once got it for $50.

quote:Originally posted by luvmyshiner

Not mine Magoo, but she is a beaut isn't she?  I was telling a friend today that back in my younger (and poorer) days I used to love garage sales and flea markets.  I wish I had been into guitars back then because there is no telling what I might have found.

. . . because without beer, things do not seem to go as well . . .  Brother Epp, Capuchin Monastery, Munjor, Kansas  1902

Better that you werent.....you probably would have lost alot more cooler items in the divorces :-)


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