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Author Topic: What makes you tick?  (Read 118133 times)

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What makes you tick?
« Reply #180 on: August 11, 2010, 10:59:13 AM »
I'm in:

First Name: Stan
User Name: GPDude
Story Behind Your User Name: General Purpose - vocals, guitars and keys.
Reside: CA Central Valley
Age: 47
Family: They're everywhere!
Occupation: Business Admin.
Hobbies: Home-studio, photography and drag racing.
Why do you like this forum?: Great information.
When did you buy your 1st Washburn?: 1980. Black A5, still have it.
Why did you buy your 1st Washburn?: Love at first sight.
Future Plans: Restore an A20 that I rescued.
Something Most People Don't Know About Me: I could tell you, but then, you know the rest...

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What makes you tick?
« Reply #181 on: September 15, 2010, 11:39:59 PM »
Here Goes:

First Name: Tony
User Name: Tour18
Story Behind Your User Name: The formal name of this place is The Estates at Tour 18 I don't play golf but it is supposed to be a big deal to play here.
Reside: Dallas/Ft.Worth/Denton triangle. Tour 18 is right in the middle.
Age: 57
Family: Wife, three dogs, cat
Occupation: IT Director
Hobbies: Road Racing Cars, Guitars, Warbirds, anything mechanical
Why do you like this forum?: Great information.
When did you buy your 1st Washburn?: Feb. 2010.
Why did you buy your 1st Washburn?: I just had quality all over.
Future Plans: Another Washburn. A Rickenbacker. Another Gretsch.
Something Most People Don't Know About Me: I couldn't play Mary Had a Little Lamb if you put a pistol to my head. I tell people, but they don't believe me. I believe they think it's my act or whatever it is people do to feel others out. Like dogs do when they first meet. None of that here. Don't have time for it. Too much to do and only 40 good years left.

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What makes you tick?
« Reply #182 on: December 01, 2010, 03:41:43 AM »
Here goes ...

First Name: Hans
User Name: hansvaneven
Story Behind Your User Name: well, it's my real name ;)
Reside: Andernos Les Bains/France 5 min from Atlantic West Coast
Age: 41
Family: Wife, 2 children, dogs
Occupation: Guitarist/Graphics Designer
Hobbies: Music, Sport, Film
Why do you like this forum?: Hey it's a Washburn  forum! :)
When did you buy your 1st Washburn?: Not 100% sure, 2004 I think, it was the Wi68 Idol, one of the best gutiars I had, regret I sold it, as they don't make those series anymore
Why did you buy your 1st Washburn?: I needed a guitar solidbody alternative to a LP
Future Plans: Another Washburn, NUNO N4 with some special wood, really my favorite guitar, and an Idol if Washburn decide to build some new US models again.
Something Most People Don't Know About Me: a lot of things ;)

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What makes you tick?
« Reply #183 on: April 02, 2011, 11:17:51 PM »
First Name: Edward
User Name: Trapaw

Story Behind Your User Name:
Trapaw is the name of my deathcore/metalcore solo project. It started as an experimental thing my Senior year of high school (I'm 23 now) and it did nothing for a couple of years. In the last two years though, I became much more serious about my music, having released one full length cd(Bury The Living), one split cd with a buddy's band(Aegri Somnia), and it's in the process of recording my second full length cd(Civil).
The name itself came about thanks to my battle with manic depressive disorder. The depression is so torturous at times that I'd literally do anything to get out of it. I feel like a wild animal caught in a trap that's willing to chew its own leg off just to get away. Trapped Paw = Trapaw


Reside: Birmingham, Alabama, US

Age: 23 on May 30, 2011

Family: I'm some crazy chick's live-in boyfriend, haha.

Occupation: Over The Road trucker

Wife's Occupation: Wal-mart Asst. Manager

Hobbies: Guitar playing, bass playing, recording music, death-metal vocals, being a sarcastic jerk to mask my social insecurities.

Why do you like this forum?:
1) They have such laid back and person interviews with some of my FAVORITE guitarists
2) There is a lot to learn
3) I can usually find the info I need

When did you buy your 1st Washburn?: Oh god...Back when I was like 12. Still have it, still love it.

Why did you buy your 1st Washburn?:
I was taking lessons from this dude and I was playing his Washburn Mercury II for the lessons. He offered the guitar to me for a good price with a crap amp and I bought it.

Future Plans:
1.) Get my own place again. I'm going to BUY it this time.
2.) Get back into college
3.) Actually do something with my music
4.) Learn the finer points of recording music

Something Most People Don't Know About Me:
Oh lord...there's alot people don't know about me. The one thing alot of people don't know even though it's not hard to find out is that I am very active within the furry fandom. No I don't perpetuate the creepy stereotypes.

The last great disciple of the human race
Slipping through the cracks of time and space

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Re: What makes you tick?
« Reply #184 on: April 04, 2012, 09:16:27 AM »
Hey,folks!This profiling thing is kind of weird.We all love to learn more about potenetial friends,which,by the way,everyone is.It also gives you a little surge of Cold War/Orwellian paranoia,at least if you're in my age group.Here goes:
First name-Jamie ,User name-list of guitars that are playable-I got a few others for learning to do repairs on,Story-Lack of imagination,Proud resident of Windsor in Nova Scotia's beautiful Annapolis Valley!And a shout out to my fellow Canadians who posted here!Age-The Cold War and Orwell references will get you pretty close.Occupation-Industrial Millwright at a molded pulp fibre mill.Pretty fancy way of saying Maintenance Mechanic,eh?FAMILY-Now we get to what matters!I have been married to my far better half for 23 years.She is the world's most patient woman.She married me in a court,and again in a Church,and still waited around for me to grow up.Our oldest of 3 daughters came to us from another family member who was not in a position to provide her a stable home.So,we disillusioned kids became auto-parents.Records,sports gear,DJ equipment,guitar,and anything else we could sell was gone!There were some tight years,which we made tighter by having first a son,and then another daughter.It took years and a move from Saint John,NB to Guelph,ON to get us back on track.Then,we were sprung another surprise,and in 1997,our baby was born.Hope is daughter number 3.Jenn,going on 30,is out in Edmonton,is a respiratory therapist,and still calls us night or day when she has a tough day She tells us that she won't be home for Christmas in 2012.Bobby is still in southern ON,spreading his big heart and his art through assorted workshops and protests.23 now,and does't call us often enough.21 year old daughter is at home,Arts and English year 2 at looniversity.Hope is 14,and naturally rules our house and the world.

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Re: What makes you tick?
« Reply #185 on: April 04, 2012, 09:53:33 AM »
Guess I hit a wrong button,there.The plight of the technologically challenged.My marvelous wife has worked in retail her adult life.Told you she was patient.Hobbies-I'm trying out several since the number of children at home has shrunk.The ones that have always been with me are old cars,plastic model car kits,and singing.Guitar was something I would tune and pluck around with if somebody else had one.Washburn was a chance discovery.My wife,Donna,had long felt bad about me not having a guitar.While she was expecting Hope,she started to ask me questions about the guitars I played of other people's.Smart lady,she figured out what I was looking for when I thought a real instrument was years away.A woman Donna worked with became Hope's first babysitter.Her father's classical sat in a corner,and when I noticed it,she allowed me to play it.Saturday afternoon before Father's Day 1998,the WN-50 became my first REAL guitar.My jumbo and D10s12 see most of the action,nowadays,but when I play that old Washie,it's like kicking back with an old,dear friend.My first Washburn is the only reason I even tried out the second one I bought.Future plans-2 years from now I plan to ask Donna to renew vows with me for our silver anniversary.Kind of hoping to serenade her with a guitar I've actually built!Acquiring skills,tools,and parts as we speak.Any lines on tonewoods or maybe kits no one will finish,especially if it's already inside Canadian borders would be fantastic!That Freeman fella has sketchy selection and Fortune 500 prices,and the CITES rules are vague enough to make me pay for what I want,and possibly never see it.Why I like it here-All of the above plus!Peace,out-Jamie.

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Re: What makes you tick?
« Reply #186 on: April 04, 2012, 10:31:24 AM »
Hey there, Jamie,

Welcome from Saint John (well, Rothesay)! Sounds like our life tracks run pretty close. Good to see you on here.
Seize the Fish
WG2S, D10SCE, WI45, JM300S, Lyon L115
'70s Univox LP Copy

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Re: What makes you tick?CEdwards
« Reply #187 on: April 05, 2012, 10:16:23 AM »
Hey,yourself,C.Edwards!Any deer occupying your yard?When we first came back east,we spent a year in the thriving megalopolis of Hatfield Point.Passed Rothesay twice a week or more in that time.One bug I didn't add was the thing most people don't know about me.So,here goes-I keep personalizing,or Canadianizing songs I like.Some people think it's cool,others think I'm full of myself.Truth be known,with so many songs in my head,it just my way of cheating a bad short-term memory!There,now I've lost my mask and cape!Headed to SJ for Easter weekend with my wife and our youngest.Family on both sides to visit there.Happy Easter,all!Peace,out-Jamie.

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Re: What makes you tick?
« Reply #188 on: August 02, 2012, 12:01:26 AM »
Well, Jamie, I'm not Canadian, but I did spend from age 2 to age 4 in St. Johns, dad was military and was there in the early 50's to help get NORAD established.  All I can remember is the incredible cold during the winter, the way they made a road on the ice that clogged the harbor in the winter, the seals being unloaded from the boats, the fact that most houses were two story and had a door without a porch or stairs on the second floor (I know why), and how the blueberries grew wild in all the roadside ditches and fences.  Oh, hurts like hell to fall on ice, learned that one trying to learn to ice skate on "double blade" skates....and the Newfie women had such incredibly clear complexions and were quite beautiful.

Like you, I enjoy "personalizing" a few I have traded names of friends for the characters in the songs, in others I have changed the locations (to protect the innocent...NOT) to the town in which I am playing at the time.  It's all good fun, if anyone grouses about it I hand them the guitar and ask them to do better and that usually shuts them up.

I went to college and became sentient in the late 60's/early 70's, so I can relate to your you, my first guitar was a gift from a wife (lost the guitar to a thief, lost the wife to a divorce, sure do miss the guitar  :o )...and, like you, my first Washie (a WD32S) started me on a long journey through WashieLand...I have given two away, still have fave is my C124SWK classical, a concert grade guitar that almost rivals my handmade Hippner Hauser model at 20% of the price, a real deal, but my Yamaki built D61SW(CE) is a great axe with SUCH a sweet tone...that's it I am playing in my avatar photo!

Peace out, amigo!!!


Dugly 8)
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YerDugliness,Esq./Post No Bills
Guitar Playin' FOOL, attempting to age disgracefully!
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Re: What makes you tick?
« Reply #189 on: November 08, 2013, 12:05:06 PM »
Name- Dan
Username- Daniel-san73
Reason behind username- I was born in 73, and any Dans that were kids in the Eighties got called Danielsan in a Miyagi style accent
Residence- Hinton Charterhouse, Bath UK
Weapons of choice- 92 N2, 2011 N4 korina, 2013 EA20SNB.
Job- Cheesemaker
Relationship status- single
I bought my first Washburn in 92 after seeing Nuno blow everyones mind on the Pornograffiti tour. Wanted a custom shop N4 for 20 years, and this year finally bought a 2.0 Korina. Have now added an Idol WIDLXSPLTD, an N61, and an EA20SNB.
Also have a couple of Ibanez and an Ovation hanging around.
Hobbies are Guitars (obviously), Movies, supporting Tottenham, Snooker and Beer. :)
Hoping to take a Luthiery course next year.
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2011 N4 Korina 2.0, 1992 Alder N2, EA20SNB, Idol WIDLXSPLTD, 2007 N61,  Ibanez RG230, Ibanez Artcore AWD72ATF, Ovation Celebrity, Cort Bass, Vantage Acoustic Bass.

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Re: What makes you tick?
« Reply #190 on: March 10, 2014, 10:08:25 AM »

First Name: Wouldn't
User Name:  You like to know?

Story Behind Your User Name:
You might imagine first initial C, last name starts with MAC, (donnell? donald? ;))

Reside:  Nepean, Ont, Canada

Age: 30

Family:  2 little kids (boys), newborn and a 4 year old

Occupation:  I/T

Wife's Occupation:  School

Hobbies:  My kids, Instruments, Performing, Cars etc

Why do you like this forum?:
1) Rare Guitars
2) Interesting posts
3) sometimes it is funny as hell**

When did you buy your 1st Washburn?: 1998?

Why did you buy your 1st Washburn?:
1) Great Sound. Ugly ugly color. (can't remember the model number)

Future Plans:
1) Get our band on residency
2) Find a used VOX AC30
3) Keep on writing

Something Most People Don't Know About Me:
Used to run a record label with distribution to over 100 countries, 5 sub labels. I was in house Engineer and studio musician for a number of releases.

Dean Dime Razorback (V255)
Charvel DS1-FR
Chandler Custom Build
Charvel Model 3
ESP-LTD Eclipse
Washburn KC-70, KC90, KC-Prototype (mystery git)
Washburn X11 (modded)
Warwick Corvette
1965 Harmony HB series
Yamaha RXD

Ibanez T4120 Head
Fender HM412 Cab

Taye Drums

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Re: What makes you tick?
« Reply #191 on: December 07, 2015, 10:17:55 AM »
First Name: J.D.
User Name: madhttr
Story Behind Your User Name: My dad's old CB radio handle back in the "Smokey and the Bandit" days.
Reside: Highlands Ranch, CO
Age: 49
Family: blessed beyond measure with a wonderful wife and smart and talented twin daughters.
Occupation: Financial Analyst
Hobbies: Running, hiking, biking.
Why do you like this forum?: I've played guitar for years, but only recently got bitten by the GAS bug and started scouring CL and Ebay for bargains.  Recently bought a WD7SCE which renewed my interest in Washburns.
When did you buy your 1st Washburn?: Bought an old 12-string Washburn at a garage sale years ago, but it had a crack near the neck and couldn't handle the strain.  Restrung it as a six string and gave it away to a teenager who was taking lessons from me. 
Why did you buy your 1st Washburn?: It was only $10 and I always wanted a 12-string.
Future Plans: Rescuing vintage Washburn, Yamaha, and Alvarez guitars stuck away in someone's closet.  Also looking for a 1960's Harmony 1215 like my dad's guitar that I learned on.  Still have the first guitar I bought--a 1980 Alvarez 5022.
Something Most People Don't Know About Me: I played "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers in a high school talent show.
2013 Washburn WD7SCE
1980 Alvarez 5022 SLM
1968-1972 Yamaha FG230 Red Label 12-string

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Re: What makes you tick?
« Reply #192 on: January 21, 2019, 06:58:28 AM »
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Re: What makes you tick?
« Reply #193 on: March 02, 2019, 05:19:05 AM »
That is a huge zoological patio !! - Question - how on earth do you keep a millipede as a pet?? LOL here they are in plague degrees at explicit events of the year. pakistan banao certificate I asked with respect to whether I could keep 8-legged creature, just to see what he would state... you can imagine the response... I don't expect I would keep them as pets anway, I value having them in the yard and that is about it. No taranulas here, despite the way that the gadget portals are associated I think.
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Re: What makes you tick?
« Reply #194 on: March 18, 2019, 07:49:24 AM »
I asked with perceive as to in the event that I may hold frightening little animals basically to perceive what he would state. That you may expect the reaction. I don't get i'd anticipate them as pets I cost including them inside the yard and that is about it. No tarantulas here, paying little heed to the way that the device portals are related I feel.