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Hey, Washburn, we have an idea!

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Nick, your efforts and responses to suggestions have been recognized and appreciated by some of the forum members.

There have been a lot of suggestions to Washburn in other posts on a variety of product related topics, but I thought this would be a great place to capture serious suggestions and thoughts to feed back to Washburn from the Forum members.

All I can suggest is that we keep the suggestions and comments as  concise and specific as possible, and try - hard as it may be - to minimize the pokin' - OK, forget that, I know it's an impossible request anyway!

Nick, I would suggest making this a sticky, or start another thread as a general repository to solicit serious feedback.  

I'll go first...

Can Washburn have a 'checklist' that ALL vendors must go through before delivering an instrument? Much like a car dealer, to give a final once-over and make sure nothing was damaged during shipping, and give the customer higher confidence that the product they receive is what Washburn intended.

This comment goes back to my asking various vendors about the condition of an instrument, and the response being they check all that at the factory and at the Washburn warehouse.  I know that there are vendors that already do this for their customers based on other comments I have seen, Funky Munky is one that comes to mind, and that is very much recognized on the forum. All the WB vendors should give a final quality check before sending out an instrument.

+1 on DTOM's suggestion. A simple add . . . get guitars into bricks 'n' mortar stores . . . everywhere. Prime the sales guys. That's what sold me on my first Washie and look! I've bought three more since then. I've said it before: the product sells itself. Put it in peoples' hands. Period.

Shiner, I knew it was only a matter of time... but hey, it's a forum, with a good group that likes to 'discuss' - and that's what it's here for.  Like Rocket said in another thread - Nick has editorial power, he can thin out any posts he wants to.
Heck brother, I'm just glad somebody else added to this, I was just trying to get some forum brainstorming going.

BTW - maybe it needs to be a signature/photo model (That would be a photo of a bottle of Shiner Bock, of course!)

quote:Originally posted by luvmyshiner

I would suggest marketing a Shiner approved signature guitar.  I would personal inspect every guitar which bears my signature and mark it with a Rocket approved method to prove it passes my strict standards.[8D]

(sorry Greg, couldn't resist it)

. . . because without beer, things do not seem to go as well . . .  Brother Epp, Capuchin Monastery, Munjor, Kansas  1902

That's a f****n great idea.  I was going to fill my guitar body with Shiner beer caps. [:D]

I myself look for shops that do this sort of final inspection.I would expect any reputable shop does this but maybe doesn't give a stamp or document of approval.
 It is plain to see that some shops don't.I see pics of guitars that would never see a consumer if this type of inspection was done.Surprising to see so many obvious laps in quality get out the factory door.


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