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Author Topic: Idol Series WI18  (Read 3244 times)

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Idol Series WI18
« on: March 21, 2010, 12:05:34 PM »
hello everyone! Im Martin from the philippines and a Filipino, and a newbie here.

I'd like to ask some advice about the idol series W18. I'm thinking of buying the guitar, and its MIC. I dont have any issues about MICs since I own an Ibanez ARX100 MIC and it sounds great; for its price and its features, and even the epiphones that came out of china sounded great, well except the <$500 range.

anyway, the guitar is being sold for a really steal price, and all the mentioned features of the WI18 on washburn's website are also in the guitar, and its new.  

I want to know if its true that WI-18 has neck problems due to its size/scale? Someone mentioned this to me, saying that his luthier mentioned that washburn idol series W18 has that problem mentioned above.

I also want to solocite expert/seasoned advice you good folks on the pros and cons of the guitar, including resale; resale in the contet that if their would be an emergency, and I decide (with contempt) to sell the WI18, would it still be saleable, given of course that its well conditioned, near mint.

Thank you for your time!!