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Hi all, new here and to bass playing. I bought a new, never played bass from a guy who was thinning out his guitar collection...it started about 10 years ago with an RB-2500 for my daughter who wanted to learn (and now does pretty well, gigging occasionally) and he also had this 2600 still in the box that he'd never gotten around to playing. I spent $400 for it to use myself, took some lessons back then as something to do together with my kid but life and my schedule overtook my ability to practice and continue lessons so it has sat in its stand. I occasionally plug it in and fool around for a bit, make sure it's still tuned then set it back down for another few months. But now...I have some time. Just started taking lessons from a very good musician who's been playing for years professionally and is a very highly regarded bassist, he says it's a nice instrument but possibly just being kind. BTW, blues, soul, r&b, are primarily where I want to go with this thing but dig pretty much everything.

So it's an RB-2600 6 string, Buzz F tuning, made in Korea. Single pickup (flat black thing), natural ash body, rosewood fretboard, the flat satin metal hardware. Six is probably more than I'll be able to put to effective use for a long time but hey, I was intrigued by the piece and now I'm stuck with it. Can't find a thing about this model using the search function so figured I'd shout out to see what you all know about it...don't hold back to tell me it's the biggest piece of junk Washburn ever made if it is, ha ha. Just want to know what's up with it, tips, advice, etc....anyone? Anyone? Bueller...?

Thanks in advance...


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