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Helle everyone ... im a professional guitaris 32 years old, i count with extense repertory of metal covers , as pantera , metallica deram theater , john perucci steve vai , eric johnoson , tony mc alpine , slash , yngwe malmsteen , etc ... in basics a and actual hits,... these are my potential influences , but i love black metal power metal and death metal , such as hipocrisy morbid angel , carcass and these old but  good is... hope i can find  drummer or bassist , to join and rock on ... im from very far plaece , but at this high of my live , i just have one choose 1st.the stage or stay at my country watching how i get older and older by fear ... please contact me and hep me ... im serious and count wit nice gear ....any kinda genre you may consider to join a band is the match ... let me know thank`s to all of u curious and intertsted guys  ,  my name ...erik

Hello Erik. Where do you stay? I believe with your wide repertoire many bands would like you to be in their group.

Hi !!! sorry about the late , im currently living in argentina , but i can move ! as  im sure is the right band im looking for , do know about somebody  could join?... will be very glad man ! , thanks 4 reading ! by the way i just  changed recently my post , i think i  was very high that day  ha ha ha ha ha ha , , have a nice day !

Argentina? That is my favorite soccer team. Alas, they did not progress further in the World Cup. I would have liked to see them win it.

Do you play Carlos Santana's music?


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