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1st place - Thom Yeoman
2nd place - mswhat298
3rd place - bluegrassflatpicker
4th place - Mcloud10
5th place - akaray

Sorry for the delay in posting, i've been traveling alot.


Congrats guys!

Washburn N2, Washburn F10S
I've got some other stuff too.. Everything from guitars to a Balalaika.

They can keep the gig bag.  I don't like the flippant way this contest was run and I don't want it.

According to the rules posted online and the rules and terms we were OBLIGATED TO ACCEPT when we signed up and entered, the contest was supposed to end on May 16th.  Apparently the folks at WB weren't happy that only 3 people had entered this little contest and decided, 2 days before the contest deadline, to extend the contest another month.  

Rightfully, either me, MCloud or Jack should have won the D10s.  So the three of us who did our work, got off our behinds, and got our videos posted on time and according to the RULES SPECIFIED get the shaft with the gig bags and sweatshirts.

If Washburn goes to the trouble of posting several pages of rules and regulations then they should run the contest according to those rules and not change them mid course.  

Thanks but no thanks.

Mike W.
Flatpicker Wannabe Extraordinaire

FG-331 Yamaha
Harmony Marquis Banjo

quote:Originally posted by mswhat298

They can keep the gig bag.  I don't like the flippant way this contest was run and I don't want it.
Am I the only one that saw that commin'?


I agree with you 100%

When I entered it was on the first deadline. There were only you and Mark. I thought the stage was set.  I was going for the hoodie. I won one on the questionnaire and my daughter's best friend wanted one to match.

You and Mark are the ones that got screwed.

I agree with what Rocket said in an earlier post, They should pack 2 D10S's in 2 gig bags and send one to each of you.



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