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Texas Flatpicker:
I am new to the forum site here. I have a Washburn acoustic, D56SWCE. I started playing the guitar with an old cheap one about 42 years ago. I dont even remember what it was but I do remember that I had to have pretty tough fingers to fret I started playing country music and a little bit of the old rock and roll, put together a country band, had a blast with it too. Now that I have become all grown up I have advance to bluegrass and enjoy the flat pickin and speed that it offers. When my yougest son was 7, I started him on the fiddle. He is now 28 and a few years ago he migrated to the mandolin. He is the real picker in the family. His instrument has 8 strings and mine only has
But anyway, I have been enjoying reading the forums on here and it looks like I can learn a lot from you guys.

Tio Kimo:
Welcome. Good story, and well done getting your son to love music.

Humble and Texas. Two things you seldom see in the same sentence. LOL



--- Quote ---Originally posted by Texas Flatpicker
looks like I can learn a lot from you guys.

You might learn more than you really want to know on some
occasions. lol

--- End quote ---

Welcome to the forum John!  Humble,'re not too far from some fairly good acoustic music venues here in Houston.  How long have you lived in the Houston area?

DTOM and I both live within tobacco spittin' distance of Houston....and we also occasionally join the Shiners and Pappy at Pearl, TX for a monthly bluegrass festival.  If you're interested in joining us, you'd most certainly be welcome (and, most likely, also be able to outplay most of us if you're into the flatpickin' sort of bluegrass)!


Dugly [8D]

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Welcome to the forum! It is a small world!  I know exactly where Humble is - didn't know you fellas were from around Houston, though.  I was born in Austin and lived in Houston from 1972 thru 1988.  My dad, mom, and brother live in NW Houston - Cypress area.  

Matter-of-fact, we were just down there on the weekend of the 27th to celebrate my parent's 50th wedding anniversary at County Line Barbecue (Nice of mom to schedule their 50th celebration on me and my wife's 23rd anniversary![;)])  We took the Washburns down and sang and played a few numbers to commemorate the occasion. [:)]

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