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Is the WMJ20SCE a Baby Jumbo?


Is the Washburn WMJ20SCE considered a Baby Jumbo?I see it listed as a Mini Jumbo at online retailers.Also,does anyone know if a Baby or Mini Jumbo uses a dreadnaught case?


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Well, Ed, I know it's been a while, but I can answer at least one of your questions.  I just took delivery of a WMJ 11S and it fits well enough in a dreadnought style case.  It is a bit sloppy around the upper bout, where the dread is larger, but the lower bout fits the standard Washburn blow-molded case for my WD32SW just fine.  I'll be using my blow-molded Washburn dread size hard-shell case for my WMJ 11S.

The WMJ 11S does NOT fit into a classical guitar case.  The problem is not overall length, it is the width of the lower bout....probably 2 wider than a standard classical guitar.

I'm not sure if there's some change going on in the WMJ line-up or not....I can't seem to find the WMJ 11S in the current product line, but there is now a WMJ 11SCE model that wasn't there when I ordered my WMJ.

BTW, I am quite impressed with the build quality of the WMJ I got....with the exception of the use or ivoriod rather than natural woods for the bindings, I would say the build quality is on par with my D61SW, a Yamaki built Washburn.  That's pretty good company!

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I have tried this method to use it and feel very good.


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