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Author Topic: New D56SW coming!  (Read 3236 times)

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New D56SW coming!
« on: December 31, 2010, 03:51:09 PM »
I just ordered a D56SW from Musicians Friend (I know... but 45 day return policy!).  I hope it pleases me as I am expecting it to.  This was a tough decision as I was also considering a D52SW, J28sdl, and Guild GAD series.  I almost bought a J28SCEDL MVP until the dealer informed me of his new No Return, No Exchange policy when I asked him to clarify the terms of the policy stated on his website.  My first interest was actually the D52SWCE anyway until I came to realize that I didn't need electronics,  Besides, ya gotta love those solid woods! I decided to go with the D56SW because I love the sound and looks of rosewood but have yet to have one, and because I want a high quality dread.  Although the most popular body style, I feel they are overlooked and  under-appreciated by many as a darn versatile instrument. Does anyone else have one (D56SW)?  Are you completely happy with it?  What styles do you play?  I will let you know how happy/pleased I am with it when it arrives and then again a short while after.  And hopefully again years from now[8D]!  I guess I will soon be another proud member of the Timbercraft Brigade![:D]