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New D56SW arrives

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Well, I received my new D56SW Timbercraft a few days ago.  This guitar is beautiful!  Out of the box setup was great, low action and in tune (standard tune, that is), and the finish is also quite impressive.  This guitar sounds superb.  I will try to post pics within a few days.

Congrats on the aquisition!  Yep, love to see some pics when you can break your hands free from her long enough to take some and post them!

Hey guys :), .... I have two Washburn guitars, a D56SW and D52SW and I am very happy with them.
Actually I had a Martin HD28 and chose to keep the Washburns and sell the Martin HD28.
I like Washburns better because it's easier for me to play them.
I'm not saying Washburns D56 and D52 are better guitars than Martin HD28, but more often I chose to play Washburn D56.
If you have the chance to get one of them, use the chance because they are amazing guitars and come in their best age.

 I will keep  a look out for one.  Hope to find a good upper level acoustic some day, that I can afford.   Tom.  :)

Would love to see some pics of the two Washies.  Did you ever have a set up done to try and fix the play ability issues with the Martin?


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