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stage fright


Stage fright can impede one's ability to perform.  Taking something to calm one's nerves will also impede one's ability to perform.

The first step I used was to be able to play my peice a few times in a row without making mistakes.  After that was accomplished I performed for a friend and paid attention to what happened.  I corrected what went wrong in practice and tried again on a different friend.  Then notch it up a little and play for a small group of friends continue this process to your goal.

One has to realize it's a learning process and everytime you step-up a notch you move out of your comfort zone and start the process over.  Don't put unrealstic goals on yourself and don't expect to discovered or popular because of a performance.

When I do a performance....whether I get a standing ovation or get boos I still go home and have to feed my cat.......most people don't get that excited about the performance.....I'm climbing a step at a time.

I've learned to trust myself........and that rush of nerves makes me feel alive and that stress helps me focus.

I find people will BS me trying to impress that they know more than I ......that's fine.....from experience the people that know more encourage and help while the BS dudes are all talk.  I've found comfort with the come back where somebody may say. I noticed you played that wrong.  I say That's true, the guitar is a difficult instrument.

If you use a step plan and keep notching up and hang in there as time passes those moments before the program will be first formal concert was as frightful as going to get my head chopped off and weeks before the concert I was scared silly.

I still get a little nervous now before walking on stage......but that's normal because I care and that's what makes it

You've never received boos at a concert, have you?

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No.....I've never had any


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