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Distorting AB-10


I have an AB-10 that is physically awesome - perfect neck and the best intonation of any of my many basses. The electronics are just not cutting it. The pickup throws a spike thorough the system unless it's played VERY gently. Additionally, the preamp itself (Equis Silver) kicks out wolloping power. Any volume setting above 10:00 overloads any amp input I've put it through. I can live with the hot preamp, but the spiky distortion I get from playing at any normal plucking strength is a deal-breaker. Anyone on this list dealt with this before? I hate not to use such a great-playing bass!

I am currently dealing with the same problem. I took apart and cleaned up the output jack(was corroded), problem still exists. I am planing on wiring up a new 1/4" output jack this week(leaving out the XLR). Also planning on spraying out the pots with some cleaner. I'll see how that goes. I have read on other boards that the pickup could be the problem. That will be the next to be changed out for a Artec PP-437, which I think is the proper one. Cheap enough at under $20, and possibly a repair and upgrade. I'll post back when I have more info.

Changed out the 1/4"  jack and removed the XLR. No change, still distorts through a Crate electric bass amp. I am going to try some electronics cleaner on the preamp and see what that does.


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