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Washburn 'D52S NS' same as D52SW?



My first post here. Looking to buy a D52SW, have come across this on ebay:


and it is labelled D52S NS on the label in the sound hole picture. I've read through this thread:


where it seems guitars have been mis labelled before. Could anyone help? Is this actually a D52SW and thus is a solid body or is it an inferior model?



I would say that the model you are looking at has a solid wood soundboard, but laminate sides and back.  When Washburn makes an all solid-wood guitar, they are quite specific about it when they determine the model designation.  

D=Dreadnought design

52=Washburn model number

S=solid wood soundboard (if it were an all solid-wood guitar, it would read SW rather than just S after the model number, therefore an all solid wood D52 would carry a model designation of D52SW).

Hope that helps.

Cheers from.....

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It's not mis-labeled.  The Specifications read:

Solid Sitka spruce top
Mahogany sides & back

If the description and specs don't say Solid for the sides and/or back, it's not.  Like Dugly said they usually make a point of the Solid Wood in the Model number and description.

Hey Dugly,

Thanks for getting back so quickly. Yeah see that makes perfect sense, however when I google the model code, I only get 13 pages of sites linking to the guitar listed at Richtone Music and no other signs that that a 'D52S' model ever existed, and given the confusion in that other topic with labels, I was wondering if this was a similar case.

The serial numbers are pretty similar too, CC090907550 on the one I'm looking to buy and CC090405129 on the one in the other topic.

So I'm just a bit unsure, and physically in the close up photos it looks exactly the same as photos from another guys D52SW on the forum. Just hoping that I've found a bargain I guess... [:)]



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