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Author Topic: Help With Buying a C80S  (Read 1796 times)

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Help With Buying a C80S
« on: June 21, 2011, 09:34:57 AM »
I am considering getting one of these from an online dealer as new at a very good discount.  Though I have a house full of guitars and have worked on them for over forty years, I have incredibly never owned a classic/nylon guitar before.

I just want this instrument for tracking some nouvelle scene recordings and from what I gather, this instrument is generally regarded as a pretty reasonable, no-frills instrument with acceptable sound.

Are there any particular caveats about the C80S of which I should be aware?

In that this is technically a used instrument and therefore possibly a return, are there any special gotcha things I should look for when I bench this thing upon receipt?

My fretting hand is in a cast for the next two months, but I can navigate evaluation and setup with one paw.[;)]

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated!