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how do i look up

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how do i look up sn of my washburn guitar

Welcome butterflyz,you should be able to see your number inside the sound hole, or on the back of the head,or on your butt plate.or are you trying to find out info on your guitar? Tom.

If you already know the actual number,and you're trying to decyfer what the numbers mean,well....good luck.
I say this because I have 2 Washburn SBF-80's,one in flametop natural,and the other is a flametop cherry sunburst.
I just looked at my cherry sunburst and the serial number is on the back of the headstock(Just like a Gibson Les Paul)and
the serial number starts with an S and seven numbers to follow,with the last two being 96,so that tells me it's a 1996.
My other SBF-80 is the blonde flametop and it also starts wit an S,followed by seven numbers with the last two being 95,which stands for 1995.
   The reason I said good luck was because when I first bought one I called Washburn in Chicago,I believe,or somewhere
in Illinois or the midwest.When I finally got to speak to someone,this guy basically didn't want to give me the time of day,and all I wanted to know was the basic breakdown of how to decyfer what information besides the last two digits being the year,and this guy was
just trying to blow me off.Considering that I was being extremely polite,I gave this guy no reason to act the way he did.
To make sure this guy just wasn't having a bad day,I waited a few months and tried it again.I don't recall whether it was the same guy or not,but by judging his response it probably was,because I got the same treatment.It's a sad commentary on who they have there in customer service,or whatever department I was speaking to.
  You can call 1-800-4GIBSON 24 hours,7 days a week and can get help from some of the nicest,considerate people,Roger is one guys that I've spoken to several times,and he couldn't do enough for me.Thanks Roger!
   I hope this addresses some of your questions about your guitar but you didn't specify what you were tring to do.Was it trying to find the serial number? Or was it something about the serial number that you were trying to figure out?
   What kind of guitar do you have? GOOD LUCK,Neal

In general, the first two numbers would be more helpful.  Tom.

Post the serial number. TazRio doesn't know what he is talking about.


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