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Cracked neck PS9200, What's it worth?


Hey guys, new to the forum here and I'm looking for some opinions. I'm in the market to buy a PS9200 here and need some advice.

The guitar has a small crack going from where the nut sits in the headstock on the low E side to maybe the second fret. It starts directly at the nut and then looks like it starts to wrap around the neck diagonally. It just appears to be in the clear/paint, but it does look pretty nasty and I'm afraid the neck may be cracked as well.

I know these are very valuable guitars and I want this one very badly, I just don't want to overpay for it or get myself into problems. I've been looking on the My Les Paul forums and they seem to think very highly of a couple guys that do repairs on that site. I can email anyone that's curious a picture, but I'm having trouble uploading

Anyways, the sellers asking price right now is $1100. Is that too much? or is this still a good deal regardless of the repair?



UPDATE: The crack looks extremely similar to this one, except I can't see that the neck is clearly cracked. http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/luthiers-corner/149425-cracked-neck-epiphone-les-paul.html


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