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Author Topic: Replacement pickup rings for Wi66 Pro  (Read 1649 times)

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Replacement pickup rings for Wi66 Pro
« on: September 25, 2011, 01:05:45 PM »

This is my first post. I know someone already raised this issue before,but it was quite a way back and I wanted to be seen at the ytop of the pile :-) So don't shoot me down in flames for asking a similar question ok? ;-)

OK, so I have a Korean tobacco burst Wi66 Pro. The gold speedknobs attempt to make a more modern-looking guitar (that's why I bought it) look older...they're gross. So I've replaced them with black ones,together with the pickup selector switch. I just want to get hold of slanted,black pickup rings that will fit without any hassle or guitar modding. I'm in the UK,so here comes the metric stuff:

Outside edge 92mm x 44.5mm
Centre of pickup mounting screw to opposite pickup mounting screw:77.5mm
Slanted/Sloped(whatever you want to call it):Yes

Now,the other aspect is that the guitar's top is arched...but very slightly. It's actually hard to tell if the bases of the existing stock pickup rings are for archtops,or whether they're flat but the mounting screws have pulled them down tight enough to look pretty damn flat. I have only been able to find pickup rings on the web of 92mm x 44.5mm with an arched base. The flat base ones are like 89mm x something.

Qustion is,am I answering my own question? Are the 92mm ones arched,albeit not excessively,and they're the ones to go for? Not exactly going to be an expensive mistake if I do though eh?

Thanks for reading.