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Author Topic: Getting a TKL Washburn N4 fitted case is hard!  (Read 1629 times)

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Getting a TKL Washburn N4 fitted case is hard!
« on: September 29, 2011, 01:01:52 PM »
As my recent posts have shown, I picked up a 1991 'Davies' N4 and love it.

Unfortunately the seller didn't have that sweet original case that everyone raves about, and instead had a fender case that doesn't fit the guitar very well.

I hear everyone saying the newer TKL Washburn cases are quite good, so I'm trying to snag one.

-Called some stores, and they said they only had the cases that shipped with their new N4s, and that they can't sell me the case separately.
-Emailed TKL, they said it's and OEM part and I need to talk to Washburn.
-Called Washburn said they that they do sell the cases, but they only ship within the USA (I'm in Toronto, Canada) and I need to call the (only) Canadian distributor, who happens to be in Quebec.
-Called the distributor and they said that they only deal with stores, and I need to contact a store so they can call the distributor (him) and order the case.
-Finally found a local store that will take the time to contact the distributor and see if he can order the case.
-The distributor said he will look into it, and get back to the store (who will in turn get back to me), but it might take a while.
-Now waiting.
-Considering just laying down the dough for a custom Calton case after this fiasco.

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