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D46 South Western Lefty Problem


I've had Rogue for 4 years. I bought her from a dealer in New York. She's got ash back and sides and has been the holy grail of guitars for me. I've never had a better guitar period. Recently I noticed a slight crack from the sound hole leading up to the neck that appears to be cosmetic. The guitar shop says it's definitely cosmetic but you can see where the neck is actually pressing down on the top slightly on the heavy E string side. No, it's not heavy strings *Martin Lights S/P* and she's never been tuned higher than a half step down so I can't under stand why the neck is pressing down on the top like she's under pressure. She still sounds great still and her insides sound solid when you tap on her. Has anyone else encountered this problem with their D46SW ? If this is just a fluke in her design, I can live with that. I'm fluky myself, but if it's a serious problem then I'm going to take her to a guitar builder and have him fix her rather than having to deal with a pointless search for a new guitar.

Hurricane Ramon:

Hello Rogue 7

Nope not mine , she's sweet :)

Hurricane Ramon

Oh no doubt. That's the weird thing. She's right on spot with tone and balance. Took her to two different shops and they can't explain it. She doesn't act poorly. This old timer said it looks like she's just kind of settled into a position she's comfortable with. LOL I got no complaints there.

I don't think so, geometry dash


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