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Author Topic: New member to the club  (Read 1324 times)

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New member to the club
« on: December 19, 2011, 06:22:04 PM »
I have always been a huge fan of Nuno and always wanted an N4 and after 20 years of playing I just received a mint 1996 Swamp Ash N4 that I purchased off of eBay.  Got a chance to plug her in and she is an amazing instrument.

I had some questions that I hoped you guys could help me with:
1. I would like to add a D Tuna to the Khaller Trem.  Is a trem setter necessary?
2. Anything that I need to be aware or weary of with the early Swamp Ash models?  I saw mentions of a possible joint issue but there weren't any details.
3. I was surprised to find that the headstock logo is actually a decal.  Is this common on the early models?
4. If there are any Elevenrack users on the forum that can share some Nuno presets that would be huge.

Glad to join the club and look forward to being a part of the family.
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