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Author Topic: New N7  (Read 1132 times)

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New N7
« on: March 02, 2013, 06:25:28 PM »
Well ever since I can remember I have wanted an N4 (20 years or so). I am a huge Nuno fan. Yet for some reason I never got got one. Probably the fact that the N4 is more suited towards hair metal style playing than modern metal. Then in 2011 the N7 came out and i was like Oh crap. A 7 string N series with Duncan Distortion in the bridge. Now you have the best of both worlds. So I finally said screw it I'm getting one. It is super light and extremely resonant acoustically. The neck is fantastic as is upper fret access. Fretwork immaculate. Plays like a beast. Sounds like one as well. This is the first Washburn USA guitar I have owned and it honestly may be the best playing guitar I have owned. And I have owned a lot of badass guitars.