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I would like to make a suggestion for an already existing W/L product:
The Def Leppard guitar that exists has potential but misses the mark due to Washburn's lack of attention to details.

I believe Washburn should keep this one the way it is but offer a Deluxe version that features a Def Leppard gig bag.
The face of the guitar is a Union Jack which is great but if you're going to spend the effort to do that,then have the proponents reflect that as well.
I would make the deluxe version have said gig bag and DiMarzio humbuckers with either red bezels or red pickup covers as well as red pickup mounting rings, red & blue knobs and red switch covers. 
My fiancee bought one because she loves DL and I'm in the process of making it into the guitar that I envisioned it to be.
I will post a photo when I'm done.


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