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Author Topic: My J-6 (I think)  (Read 1319 times)

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My J-6 (I think)
« on: June 20, 2012, 08:09:33 PM »
Hi, I have what is think is a J-6, and I am preparing to sell it on eBay.

However, in attempting to describe it, and browsing your website, there seem to be enough differences between pictures of other J-6's and my guitar (the headstock, the tail piece, the fact that I cannot find a serial number) that I want to be sure that I describe it accurately.

It's a very pretty, natural wood guitar, and I would be happy to send a couple of pics to anybody who can help.

The closest that I have seen is a picture of a 1989 J-6, but the headstock of my guitar is plain, apart from the name Washburn, no fancy inlays to be seen !

I won't be in the least bit bothered if I don't sell the guitar, as I enjoy playing it, I just play my 335 far more these days.

I hope no one minds me using your forum for this sort of "research", if I am violating your rules I apologize !

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Re: My J-6 (I think)
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2012, 12:03:43 AM »
 Welcome, searching for guitar info is the way i found this forum, same with lots i would say.  Tom.   :)