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Author Topic: quick SALE:1980 Washburn A-20V A20 electric guitar rare case, MXR Distorter  (Read 2717 times)

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1980 Washburn A-20V A20 electric guitar rare+ Kahler, case, MXR Distorter George
made in JAPAN! good condition for age.

Hi guys!
Up for grabs is this stunningly amazing 1980s WASHBURN electric guitar! with case, amp wires, strap, 2x distorters.
Built from the japanese Matsumoku Factory. plays amazing & valuable addition to any collection.
Ive been told its a MIJ WASHBURN stage series? a20 & ohsc. viewings welcome.
serial code number confirming 1980's date.

Quick auction, 5 days.
Rare Item. only model on Ebay UK!
Watch this item! it could be yours.

Passed on from generations, part of the family's antiques. I don't play guitar & never will. Looked after it, good condition for age.
Ive seen the value of  it on USA Ebay & on sites on the UK fetch between £500-£700 $700-$900 !!!
The guitar originally was bought in London & was used by a family member in a top club in London. All i know. Photos somewhere of it in action!

Here are useful websites to talk about the value & spec of this guitar.

>1980 Washburn A-20V A20 electric guitar+ Kahler.
>Hard mustard colour storage case with soft material gloss black interior !
>Leather guitar strap which says "Guitar Centre Langley Slough 42320"
>2x MXR Distorters.
>2xAmp/Lead wires.
>Wire pliers.

The photos say it all!

>1980 Washburn A-20V A20 electric guitar+ Kahler.
For a guitar that is nearly 33 years old, I am shocked of its condition. :) QUALITY LASTS!!!
There seems to be no colour fading!, its beautiful cherry maple colour has minimal fading.
It has not been kept in the sun or UV light. 
All the buttons, electrics work like they should. This guitar has not been dropped.
One string is snapped. My dad is banging on we mention this in the listing, even though its such a minor issue. haha.
All other strings are fine, just need tuning!
All knobs & switches move like they should!
The guitar needs a good old clean for the perfectionists out there!
It needs to have a good clean where the strings lie so it can be restored back to its shiny finish!
The guitar's body has a few small dings & marks on the back & side, this is expected for age.
Nothing that would effect performance etc..

>Hard mustard colour storage case with soft material gloss black interior !
Overall for its age, its looked after the guitar & the case itself has not fallen apart.
inside is nice, compartments, not damp!!!! dry & kept in a cool place.
the lock on the guitar has no key, the hinges have surface rust. nothing major.
>Leather guitar strap which says "Guitar Centre Langley Slough 42320"
Really good condition.! not breaking up, all in contact.

>2x MXR Distorters.
All buttons & electrics work. these are like £50+ alone!!!

>2xAmp/Lead wires.
Wires have no cuts or tears in them!
One of the wires metal heads has popped off (at the end of the wire). Easy to place back on.

>Wire pliers.
They do there job! no marks or scratches.

This is an amazing guitar + Extras I don't want it to go for peanuts!
starting price is a low price of  £35