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Author Topic: HNGD OS OE30  (Read 1009 times)

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« on: November 01, 2012, 11:00:41 PM »
Well got my guitar today. Could not be happier. Unless it was a Gibson 335 or a HB35 from Japan.It was a Easy decision, after I thought a little bit, the Epi has a set neck at 400.00 new, the new OE30 bolt on. But for 175.00 guitar, this is real nice. Set up perfect out of box. plays easy like a Strat.Also heavy like one.Whoever set it up did a good job.Both volume and tone knobs work smooth, and quite,no scratch.Three way works great, .The binding is great also. Front 5 ply,  back neck and f holes bindings are perfect to. Head stock does not have the MOP like the acoustics. frets are good, Neck is fast and slim. Paint is just rite. tuners are good. Sounds real good, lots of sound to play with between the two pups. This guitar really makes me wish I had kept my HM24 now. I would of had a killer solid and a very nice semi hollow. This has a bolt on neck, but the sustain rings on. I have not even hooked it up to my tube amp yet, just my Fender Mustang 1. I have been using the volume for gain or distortion. This case is for a dread, but thats ok, he sent me a email before he sent it. It has a thick foam in it and the guitar fits.I want the case for myWashburn D10S Walnut guitar I just got. For 50.00 it is a first run Washburn branded case. I will buy a different branded case made for this, for 90.00 new.  Well all said, This is a very nice guitar, especially for 175.00. For anybody doing a search on this Oscar Schmidt  Delta King OE30. Buy it,  it is a great guitar. P.S. This is a 2011 guitar. New with warranty.   :)
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