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How to post a picture. This is how. This gets asked a lot.

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Here's what one forum member recommends - Administrator, September 29, 2017:

Try Postimage for your photos.  Use the 2 defaults to upload your image to Postimage ( 1200 x 1600 and no expiration)  After you upload... copy the Hotlink for forums link and paste it here.  When you post your reply....your image will appear.

The info pertaining to photobucket.com posted by Tom below is no longer accurate. Photobucket now charges a fee. We're currently looking for suggestions on other image hosting sites and will post here when we have that info. - Administrator, September 28, 2017.

photobucket.com     It is free,   post picture on p. b.   click on picture,  on side or bottom of pic, click on bottom link ,   it is called  img link,  at about  1/2  a second it turnes yellow,  for about a 1/2  second,      come back here ,  in your reply box,  right  click,  and click  copy, or paste. close the box and pic is here.   For Windows user.    Others might be close to the same.   Tom.   :)

Dave Lewis Sr.:
Thanks Tom  knew a rider would step up ,we always do . Just got her this evenin so tomorrow will be dedicated to pictures and new blisters ..Thank Yee !!!

Let's see if this works:

sharp guitar.  Tom.  :)

Just ran into this on one of the car forums I visit. These extensions will help you see pictures hosted by Photobucket posted here.

Extension to fix the hot-linking issue in Photobucket. If it's not working for you, clear cache or do a full refresh of the page. The extension doesn't access to your data or passwords on the websites. It needs the permissions to access the urls to detect Photobucket links and fix the request to keep the images working as before.

Chrome version: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-hotlink-fix/kegnjbncdcliihbemealioapbifiaedg?hl=en
Firefox/Android version: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/photobucket-fix
Opera version: https://addons.opera.com/es/extensions/details/photobucket-hotlink-fix


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