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New to this forum. Started practicing the guitar a year ago.
Started out with an Oscar Schmidt OG2 TK (w/matching case).
Bought and sold (3) electric guitars ((2) Fender Squiers and a Dean).

Have decided to stick with acoustics. I found the O-S to be user friendly for me (easy to learn on).

I decided to upgrade to an acoustic electric and get an acoustic amp (sometime, don't have one yet).

Found this beautiful, hardly used D42SCE on CL and bought it from the original owner with hard case.
He claims he bought it new in 2006. The store tag was in the case. He also claims he almost never used it.

The first thing I noticed is the strings are WAY too high and the neck is bowed concave, a lot.

I checked the truss and made a 1/8 turn tighten to see if it still worked and had adjustment. It does.

I plan on taking this to a luthier in Greenville, S.C. for a new bone bridge saddle, new strings (ultra light) and string lowering. This same luthier did a very good job on my Oscar Schmidt.

I do hope the D42SCE is fixable. It's a beauty of a guitar.

I'll post the results on this thread. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

BTW, I like the feel of the necks on both the O-S and the D42SCE. Just right for my fingers and hand.

Glad to hear you like the O.S.  I to was wondering about them as I had never owned one. I have played them in the store for a few min, but that was it. Till I bought the OE30 Delta King. and I think this guitar is killer for the price. As long as the truss rod is turning I would guess your ok. Welcome to the forum, and let us no how it goes.   Tom.   :)

Hi t.y.,

RE: Oscar Schmidt OG2 TK

As purchased a year ago, the used, 2002 O-S was almost like new and played well. I installed  Martin Ultra Lite strings and have enjoyed practicing on it.

Not being familiar with doing set-up on an acoustic, I sent the O-S to a luthier a few weeks ago. The O_S responded well to the set-up and is a pleasure to practice on.

The sound from the O-S is bright (light strings?) and not too bad. The D42SCE has a deeper bass sound. Some would call it "rich". I will know better about the D42 after the luthier works it over.

The O-S is not an expensive guitar and can be found for $125, or less with case. The case is worth half that price. Good Oscar Schmidt case. A 12-string won't fit in it though. LOL.

But the O-S is not perfect. The top and back are a little wavy and not flat. This does not hurt the functionality, though. The guitar stays in tune over long periods of time. It is dependable. The sound is pretty good for an inexpensive guitar, and the finish is good. I've no problems with it.

The O-S is very playable and I like the 12" fretboard radius. Works for me.


Back to the D42SCE:

Over the past few days, I've been making 1/8 turn adjustments to tighten the truss rod. I'll turn it 1/8th and let it set for at least (12) hours then make another tweak. The neck has almost straightened out now, and it did not take but about 1/2 turn total on the truss rod to do it.

I'm going to leave any further adjustment up to the luthier. But I'm happy the guitar is responding. It's useful life is not over. It's a real beauty to behold.

I want this guitar to be at least as good or better in its action than the Oscar Schmidt I have.

I noticed inside the sound hole, on a back brace, is inscribed in block letters: "Use medium or light strings only" (or something close to that). I've not seen that on any of my other guitars. Just an observation.

The D42 goes to the luthier tomorrow and will be a week before getting it back. I'll post the results.

I'm going to have the luthier check the B-Band pickup for operation, since I don't have an amp at this time. I want to do some research on a good acoustic guitar amp and get some recommendations. It's not hard to find15 and 20 watt practice amps for $50, but I may want something better than that.

More later.....

The D42SCE as you already no is a lot more expensive or better built guitar.  But like you say, O.S. is just fine for practice, or for me, just noodling around with,  or taking outside the house, or letting others play. If I was to spend real money I would get a real Gibson ES 335 or a Japan HB35. I have 10 guitars now, and have given away a few, and sold a few. I have been playing guitar now about 4 years. The winter months I seem to practice more, which is probably about normal. I believe a good set up is the best bang for the buck you can spend on a guitar, next would be bone saddle, then nut then nice bridge pins and end pin.I would only worry about tuners if  the ones on the guitar don't work or for color reasons.   Tom.  :)


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