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Author Topic: Strange Washburn?? Is it??  (Read 1186 times)

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Strange Washburn?? Is it??
« on: November 13, 2012, 03:42:30 AM »
Another round of Name That Bass!
I bought this from a guy who said he got it in a German music store. 
It has no markings what so ever.  NOt even the pots have markings!
It plays and sounds like a boutique bass, BUT, The neck is a once piece maple with what I think is a cheesy laminate to extend the length of the wood stock. 
Passive pickups. 
Painted on F-holes and the over-all paint job is as good as any I've seen (i.e., not homemade).
Under the blue is what looks like a quilted maple top.  But the bass is not that heavy.
So what the hell is this thing?
Any idea?