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Author Topic: 1996 USA Chicago CS Stage Series Reissue A-30 FS  (Read 1531 times)

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1996 USA Chicago CS Stage Series Reissue A-30 FS
« on: December 17, 2012, 12:01:10 PM »
With what I am doing now as a working player I can use a dual Electric Acoustic guitar in a big way. I have owned a couple Carvins over the years with this set up and found a KILLER 2012 DC 400 with the Fishman system I can pick up local but need to come up with some quick $$ to make it happen. Anybody here interested grabbing something rare and unique in the A-30?? There are less than 100 of these guitars out there and maybe less than 50. Washburn never kept real production records on individual lines out of the CS and Grover Jackson can't remember how many they built all he could say was "not many". She is pretty clean and it's a real tone monster. The only other one of these I and a buddy who runs the Washburn Vintage website can find the whereabouts of is the one Michael Batto has. One has not sold off ebay that I can remember seeing.
 You see many of the Stage Series imports and the best the early ones from the late 70's -early 80's from Japan are bringing more than what I am wanting for this one. Only a small handful of these A-30's were hand built in Chicago after Grover Jackson took over the Washburn CS in 1995 and 96. This one is a 96. I need $900 to make the other buy so that's a firm price. Any takers? 
 If the other guitar goes before I raise the funds this one goes back in the closet so---. 

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