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EC-29, wrong tremolo? New Floyd installed :D New pictures!!!

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Hi there,

I´ve gotten my hands on a white crackle ec-29.
It plays great but the tremolo seems to be somewhat out of whack.
It´s a TRS Pro which I gather isn´t original.
The problem is that the alignment is off, so probably the tremolo didn´t fit very well.
But it was put on anyway.

You can see that pulling back and it wouldn´t fit in the recessed area behind the tremolo.

Also one post seems to have been moved. I guess a good luthier can fix that.
In the standard config, is a floyd "plug and play"?
Here´s the bad post


Oh, and btw...
Does anyone have measurements regarding where the posts should be.
And would that measurement change in case I put in a floyd rose?

Thanks again

Thanks for your reply Jim  :)

Yes, the right pin location seems to be original although the pin may not be.
The strange thing is that the left pinhole is pulled back, and a pretty bad job done as well.
But I´ve been searching a looooong time for this guitar so I figured it will be worth it anyways :D
The cool thing is that the boost circuitry is still working well.

I´ve been having the same thought as you, buying an up to date Floyd.
We have a great luthier in town and I´ll take it to him and see what sort of spec Floyd he´ll recommend.
That´ll make it a topnotch guitar me thinks.

On a side note, nice interview about your acoustic Washburn collection and about Washburn itself  :)

This guitar has been on this site recently, but here´s another pic as it found a new home.



Judging by the assymetric trem route, your EC-29 does look a '88 version so had a 600T tremolo assembled originally.
Despite looking a FR type tremolo, that one had a non-standard distance between the posts (so, not those usual 74mm), which were also placed a bit more towards the tail than usual FR type tremolo as the one you have now, so the fulcrum edges were aligned well behind the saddles front alignement.

Only the '89 ECs had a trem dimensioned by the FR standards, the 600S by Takeuchi that marketed the same trem under the name TRS-101, your trem is the same make but low profile version, hence the TRS PRO name; Washburn also did use it with the 800S name.

So, if you guitar was a '89 EC instead, the current trem would have been a direct, drop-in replacement, but in this case what we have here is a bad work as not only the tremolo is a bit slanted, also you may have trouble in getting correct intonation as the saddles are now placed too much to the rear when comparing to the original 600T saddles.
This is why we notice that the gap between the humbucker frame and the tremolo front edge is now much bigger than on the regular ECs.

Unfortunately the 600T tremolo is not available anymore, also it seems it was more exquisite than good...
I hope this helps you understanding what's wrong in your EC29.

Cheers, JPB

EDIT: By rare chance, there is one 600T on eBay right now, albeit chrome (but saddle tops are always black): http://www.ebay.com/itm/Washburn-600T-Floyd-Rose-Licensed-Tremolo-600-T-80s-Force-Series-/170991795726?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item27cfe7be0e

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post some pics of my EC29 with a Floyd :)
I actually did this last winter, or rather a luthier did it, but the result is really nice.
So here goes:



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